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Autor:  cijhdkvvk [ 12 Sty 2018, 22:32 ]
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Hermers HANDBAG,Ye Cang is indeed a master of the realm of dust, he just gently absorbed, this wind around the force as his body gathered out. Sure enough, YE Yun-resistant power for a while after that black wire faintly retreat from the effect of leaf Cang see here smiled. But he smiled at this time, mutation also will be produced! That piece of black silk by his hand when the joint pressure suddenly became strong up. Leaf Cang body tendons bang there some trembling, and then scoop silk black filament broke out he continued along the countless pieces of black silk around his arm, and the speed of the amazing, but a flash of time has been Flow to his shoulder!
LV HANDBAG,And that the spread of black silk speed increased rather than reduced. What is this? Why is this! Ye Cang some confusion, after all, not far away from the British College, if Lin Yang to be discharged to chase him, or will he found! This is the cause of leaf Cang hurriedly, he did not want to know that Lin Yang is already dying! So he would stand up and move on. But when he was about to stand up, his head suddenly a heavy and then the whole person fell to the ground! And then he could not stand up, and at the same time his soul was also completely blocked by the black silk in the body outside.
MK HANDBAG,This is naturally the Los dust said, this poisonous spot also erosion nerve effect, and this role has emerged, so he was unable to control their own bodies. At the same time, the heart of that poisonous heart is also the roots of silk away to his heart, but fortunately the speed is not fast,紐巴倫官網, the root of the wire reached the heart of the Department, then it has been back to the days of fatigue! Why is this situation, the root of this poisonous spot will soon flow to his heart of the Department? This leaf and the practice of the Yuan Cang on.

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