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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 godzina (czas letni)

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Młodszy polekcjowicz

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Dior HANDBAG,Fifteen thousand times. Three rooms guests to 150,000 high-price access to Qinglong Dragonscale soft armor. The following is the auction of the finale of the three items. The first, fifth-order intermediate alchemy products - Xuanbing Demon glove, by the mainland western Xuanbing region of the fifth order of Warcraft Xuanbing magic magic crystal together with the iceberg days refining from silk, a strong attack and Defense capacity, reserve price of 500,000, the minimum increase of 50,000 each time. The person is Jiang Feng's old acquaintance, Fei Xianzong less sovereign thousands flying. A middle-aged man reported out.
Fendi HANDBAG,Another young woman reported the price. Qian Ming Fei eyes are not blink a substantial increase directly. One million of the price has been considered very high, the rich and powerful people are the last thing that comes from an auction, and the remaining people do not have extra money and Qian Ming confrontation. One million. One million two times. One hundred and fifty thousand. Are eyes closed to enjoy the envy of the eyes of thousands of Ming Fei suddenly opened, the hearts of some anger, do not know the things that do not open eyes dare to offend themselves. Jiang Feng is the natural person, and Qian Ming is already wrong, plus Jiang Feng on the mysterious ice fist glove is also very like nature is not easy to let go of the truth.
GUCCI HANDBAG,Thousand offerings fly bite teeth shouted. The audience suddenly burst of regret, 1.5 million to buy this fifth-order intermediate alchemical products seems a little expensive. One million five hundred and fifty thousand. Faint voice sounded again, Jiang Feng has decided, no matter how many thousands of offerings flying, do not hesitate to add fifty thousand, mad that kid. Anyway, Jiang Feng is now a wealthy. Qian Ming Fei was angry with the whole face flushed, would like to angrily called a two million, but was blocked by the side of the elders. Is the so-called authorities fans, bystanders clear,Nike, everyone can see Jiang Feng is deliberately and thousands of offerings fly through.

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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 godzina (czas letni)

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